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Mike Dubois
Mike Dubois

Artist extraordinaire.

Mike does a lot of artwork. I manage a lot of content for this website regularly. I tried to make it easy and entertaining to navigate and view a huge amount of artwork.

Matt Turk/Turktunes

My good friend and a great singer/songwriter, guitar and mandolin player. He makes music all over the world and makes his home in the Hudson Valley.

I originally built this website in the 90's. It got an overhaul in 2012, upgraded to the newest HTML/CSS standards. It's pretty dense with content that I continue to manage on a regular basis.

Susan Richards
Susan Richards

Susan is a best-selling author. Her well-known memoirs include "Chosen Forever", "Chosen By A Horse", and her newest book "Saddled".

The Tin Man
The Tin Man

Ken & Michele Hoff make extraordinary contemporary art from salvaged antique tin ceiling tiles.

The Javascript image rollovers were new at the time.

Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Catskill Mountain Moccasins

Mark & Diane have been crafting unique custom hand-made moccasins since 1987. This site has been up and running continuously since 1995, still in it's original old-school "frames" design. Their philosophy being, "If it ain't broke... don't fix it."

Mark Golderman Interior Design

Mark is an interior designer in New York City.

His website is clean and modern, just like his design sensibility, and utilizes a few Javascript tricks I picked up along the way.

Charles Laurence

British author and journalist who splits his time between working here in Woodstock and lolling about in the Caribbean.

His style is reflected by the colors and fonts I chose for the site.

Artrider Productions

Producers of fine Arts & Crafts shows throughout the greater New York metropolitan area.

One of the first websites I built some 20 years ago. If it ain't broken...

Midnight Modulation

A cozy digital recording studio nestled in the hills near Woodstock, New York. Another one of the first websites I built. If it ain't broken...